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After reading  She Dares to Dream the Jan Tennyson Story,  I was pleasantly surprised that she had such a remarkable life. Another way I would put it is "From gloom to glory". By all rights she should not have survived to become the person she is today. After the slings and arrows that came from her foster mother I would think that she would be in fetal position for most of her life. But remarkably she determined to rise above her circumstances and fly on the wings of hope and forgiving grace. The book is a page turner, an easy read. Jim Deskin, Pianist

"I  was in the middle of disciplining my son when you called me to was a divine intervention. I am an abuser and I've abused all of my kids. Four of my grandchildren are in foster care. After your prayers  It just calmed everything down. Reading through the pages of this book is strengthening me to counsel with my children rather than abuse them. I now can release my pain and be healed and strengthened to share my own story. I have so much hope for my future"

It was difficult to put this book down as I read about the adventures and faith building experiences Jan Tennyson has had. It is loaded with amazing ideas that I can use to expand my ministry to Haiti   I highly recommend this story to anyone who wants to stretch father than they can dream right now. Armeda Jost - Missionary to Haiti (PCJ)

“For every abandoned child, addicted parent, foster parent, or step parent -  this inspirational book will help you begin to heal. It is a tender love story that teaches compassion and expresses God’s Commandment to “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”  especially when you were dealt the short end of life’s stick. I  highly recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a great story.  You will read it straight through! Then, you too will want to help others “Dare To Dream!” Karen Garrett/PEO member Founder/Godstone Ranch Motorsports

You have an amazing organization and are doing such awesome things for the youth of our world.  It is easy to see what drives you after reading your testimony.  I appreciate all you do to help these children know they are "worthy" of a life worth living. Terri Davis

This author is a beacon of light, with endurance, purpose and a spark to those of us who live in the shadows with no hope. Gods' grace has given Jan the ability to do countless acts of kindness and inspires each of us to have compassion for those who have no voice.  Micki Webb

A compelling, sometimes painful, and ultimately triumphant story of a girl's journey into adulthood. Jan's story is a testament not only the basic of human needs: acceptance, love, and understanding, but also her unfailing faith in God Almighty to realize her dream. Dare to Dream inspires those of us who have lost hope once to look beyond our present circumstances, thriving with God's principles to achieve life's big dream.   Catherine Liu

As a foster parent I found reading 'She Dares to Dream' helpful and encouraging.  It helped me to see into the mind of at least one foster child over a long period of time, giving me some insights that will help me deal with the foster children in my home.   Thank you Jan for sharing your story and your hopeful message.   So many foster children feel defeated.  Perhaps reading your book will give them the courage to dream, and the drive to achieve what God always intended for their lives. Judy Greene

A remarkable story and a continuing journey to significance. Dennis McCuistion - Host and Executive Producer, the McCuistion television program

I was moved and inspired to know that we each can have a grace filled journey in life.  Each chapter of this amazing story captivated a part of my heart. Gwyn Eury, Rockwall, Texas

Jan, this is one of the best faith-building books I have ever read.  I'm going to get the elders at my church to read it. Hack Allen - Delray Beach, Florida - Rotarian 

Jan, I just finished reading your book, and the story of your life’s accomplishments amazes me. I thought I knew you well - seeing that we traveled in Thailand together and have talked on many special occasions since then. Your soft spoken voice and gentle ways hid the bold and courageous woman I found recorded on those pages. “He hath done great things” through you, my friend. To God be the glory! Gay Thurman, Dallas, Texas

Jan's book is living proof that with a grain of mustard seed, we can move mountains! I loved reading every single experience of her extraordinary life. Her unwavering devotion to being an instrument in the hands of God is so inspiring! A testament that modern day miracles are all around us! Lisa Walker, Pathfinder, Dallas Texas

Jan, I was inspired by how you overcame the many obstacles you encountered in your life and how you kept God in your life.  I realize how fortunate I was to have had good parents who loved me.  It made me think how hard it must be for a child to grow up without loving parents to guide them.   You are truly an inspiration to all of us.  I want to make a difference in someone's life like you have to thousands of youths at risk. Connie Sanchez, Dallas Texas

I just finished reading She Dares to Dream. This book is so inspiring. I’m going to study the Bible more. Thanks for being my friend. Betty Hanna, Dallas, Texas

Your book is such an encouragement. The Lord is so blessed by your commitment and faithfulness to Him in going where others would fear to tread.  You never know with your little ones how a word fitly spoken will be like apples of gold in pitchers of silver to them.   Sheila Hodson